Waipa District
Water Mains

Waipa District Water Mains Replacement
Waipa District, Waikato


In late 2018, Civtec was awarded a contract from Waipa District Council to install replacement watermains across Cambridge, Te Awamutu and Kihikihi. This covered both rural as well as urban systems, and included the Te Awamutu CBD.


Using a variety of methods including open trenching, and directional drilling, Civtec installed polyethylene pipe and completed pipe joints using modern pipe welding technology. Once complete, the system was pressure tested to ensure the integrity of the connections.


Working around existing utilities systems underground, many with old and inaccurate diagrams noting installed positions. The Te Awamutu CBD will require close co-ordination of assets, and good communication with the community to minimise disruption and ensure a good outcome.


The project is currently underway and good progress has been made in the Pukerimu section.